The Riah Hair Studio, Brighton

LGBTQIA+, Brighton, Salon<, inclusive/h2> As we move into the future, The Riah Hair Studio seeks to totally transform your salon experience. Dan Chapman (he/him), Founder of The Riah Hair Studio and previously The Riah Project, began this adventure with one simple goal - to promote complete inclusion within the beauty industry. By ditching beauty standards we allow you beautiful beings the freedom to have a comfortable, judgement free salon experience. We’re here to help you find the best, unfiltered version of you! Through supporting local people, businesses and our community The Riah Hair Studio stands strong on creating change and supporting intersectionality, not only in the beauty industry but also this fabulous city of Brighton we call home. The Riah Hair Studio have joined with Dukes Beauty to offer a welcoming and safe salon experience for people from all walks of life. Our services are inclusive for those inside and outside of the binaries, all ages, ethnicities, abilities, sexualities and allies across the board. Rest assured, all members of our team have completed specialist Inclusion and Intersectionality training, ensuring everyone of you lovely lot receives the salon experience you deserve. Enter The Riah Hair Studio and enjoy affordable non-gendered pricing, ethical practices and diverse hair and beauty knowledge and techniques.

As a proud, queer, neuro-diverse humxn the incorporation of queer history and misspelled words encapsulates my vision and I am so thrilled to welcome you to my world! The word Riah - meaning hair, originates from the gay sub cultural language/ cant slang, Polari. It was used throughout multiple centuries and industries by Queer people to identify and navigate life in a society which remained openly hostile and dangerous for them. In Polari, “Riah zhoosher” means hairdresser and I’ve always felt it is massively important to respect and reflect our queer history while venturing forward.